Licensing Authorities

Keeping Taxis and PHV’s Compliant

As an accredited national Videomatics solution provider of in-vehicle CCTV to the Taxi and PHV industry Eagle Eyes UK are actively involved with licensing authorities across the UK­, providing advice to help create policies that ensure duty of care responsibilities and the safeguarding of passenger travel are met.

Mandatory Licensing Authorities

Many local licensing authorities are now adopting a mandatory in-vehicle CCTV policy­ to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers alike.
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Portal access & data connection


Our portal allows you to access footage, telematics and location data in near real time. The system also highlights footage involving any telematic data which may be indicative of an incident or when the panic button is pressed. This makes accessing potentially vital footage easy and could contribute to your defence in court and protect your no claims discount.

Monthly Access and Data Cost
The online portal operates using mobile data, our Access and Data SIM package gives you up to 500MB monthly allowance, contact us for more information.

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In-vehicle CCTV provides greater safeguarding

Protect drivers – attacks on drivers are greatly reduced when introducing in-vehicle CCTV within Taxis and PHVs­;
Prevent robberies – passengers are less likely to rob or leave without paying if they had been filmed on in-vehicle CCTV;
Monitor driver behaviour – in-vehicle CCTV helps to ensure that drivers carry out their duties in a professional manner;
Provide visual evidence – in-vehicle CCTV can provide valuable video evidence for criminal investigations.

“I would recommend Eagle Eyes for their expertise in supplying and installing CCTV units into our fleet of Taxi’s. In the last 6 months we’ve already seen a decrease in abuse to our drivers. They have also helped us to win contracts from our local Council for transporting vulnerable children and adults.”

Dan Rogers – Taxi Fleet Operator

“In order to become a licenced Taxi driver in my local Council, I was told that I would have to install a CCTV system within my vehicle. I didn’t know where to start so I approached Eagle Eyes who are on their supplier list. They advised me about the Council specifications, recommended the appropriate products and installed it with no hassle. I recommend Eagle Eyes to any Taxi driver or fleet.”

Kevin Collins – Taxi Driver

“Many thanks for making the installation happen, it was a very professional job and great customer service. Thanks also for the very speedy follow up.”

Shaun Harrington-Lunt – Business start up manager

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