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Eagle Eyes UK is a national dash cam, videomatics and telematics expert offering complete vehicle management solutions for fleets of all sizes and across various industries.

We understand the importance of protecting your employees on the road whilst also keeping risks to your business to a minimum. With our commercial videomatic solutions, fleet managers are relieved of pressure and have the opportunity to obtain footage and data in the event of an accident, as well as monitoring the speed, location and mileage of drivers in their fleet.

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What are the benefits of videomatics for my business?

Our Videomatic Solutions are a combination of Dash Cam and Telematics, offering online access to your vehicle’s video stream and location from a computer or smartphone.

Instant live data, track mileage, location, full telemetry data;
Ascertain instant crash liability and settlement;
Protect against ‘Cash for crash’ and fraudulent claims;

Keep an eye on how the vehicle is being driven;
Full driver monitoring;
Cheaper FNOL insurance.

Our Videomatics Solutions

With our videomatic in-vehicle CCTV solutions in place, fleet managers are able to monitor the safety of their drivers, as well as ensure that encrypted military grade incident footage can be accessed securely online, saving valuable time for managers and drivers involved.

  • Saves downtime – fleet managers can access encrypted footage online;
  • Recording up to 28 days with automatic overwriting function;
  • Live alerting including: location/speed/event footage;
  • Real-time HD image of driver’s view -170° angle;
  • DVR, GPS, 3G modem in a tamper proof case;
  • Footage viewed via a secure online portal;
  • Access live video feed and driver data;
  • Instant notification via 3G/4G;
  • Military grade AES encryption;
  • Infrared interior camera;
  • Time and date stamping;
  • Driver panic button;
  • Warranty.

Our Testimonials

“I approached Eagle Eyes because I had several ‘Cash4Crash’ incidents with my fleet of vehicles. Eagle Eyes were able to advise me about the best product to install to protect my vehicles, I also saved money on my insurance!”

Simon Perkins – Fleet Manager

“Eagle Eyes helped me by improving my drivers behaviour behind the wheel. Just having lockable Dash Cams in the cabs reduced their speeding, saved fuel and wear and tear. This made a huge saving over our fleet of 120 vehicles.”

Richard Brown – Operations Manager

“I found Eagle Eyes knowledgeable and professional. Having recently taken on the job role of Fleet Manager they were able to advise and educate me about the best products and services for my fleet. The videomatics solution they provide helps me manage my fleet of 200 vehicles.”

John Daniels – Transport Manager

We are ICFM Corporate Investors recommended to their full membership to help educate and advise on Videomatic Solutions throughout their fleets. The ICFM is the UK’s only independent ‘not for profit’ organisation dedicated to recognising the achievements, furthering the education, and advancing the profession of vehicle fleet management.

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