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Providing the right solution
to single vehicle or
multi-fleet operators

With insurance premiums rising and Crash4Cash claims now reaching over 35,000 per year, Dash Cams are becoming an essential defence tool.

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ADI front and rear facing DashCam hardware only package.

Front & rear facing cameras

Shaun Harrington-Lunt - Get Your Own Driving School

"Many thanks for making the installation happen, it was a very professional job and great customer service and thanks for the very speedy follow up."

Dashcams for ADI's

Discover why Eagle Eyes Dashcams are an essential piece of kit for Approved Driving Instructors (ADI's) and can help you save up to 15% on your car insurance too!


Solutions provided for...

Insurance premiums are rising, prosecutions over road traffic accidents are at an all-time high and a wave of ‘Crash for Cash’ insurance scams is sweeping the country. An Eagle Eyes DashCam can remedy these concerns while giving peace of mind that you really do have eyes on the road ahead.

Eagle Eyes UK. Ltd is a national Videomatics, Dash Cam and Telematics company that works with fleet managers to improve safety and efficiency and to lower operating costs. We currently offer over 20 packages, ranging from basic to high-end units to provide the perfect product for your fleet.

Our Telematic Solutions

• Driver behaviour monitoring (acceleration and braking);
• Vehicle location (and time in vehicle records);
• Diagnostic data to aid efficient servicing;
• Average and maximum speed;
• Mileage and Journey time;
• Fuel consumption.

Our Incident Camera Solutions

• Instant live data, track mileage, location, full telemetry data;
• Protect against ‘Cash for crash’ and fraudulent claims;
• Keep an eye on how the vehicle is being driven;
• Ascertain instant crash liability and settlement;
• Full driver monitoring;
• Cheaper insurance.

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