Insurance premiums are rising, prosecutions over road traffic accidents are at an all-time high and a wave of ‘Crash for Cash’ insurance scams is sweeping the country. An Eagle Eyes DashCam can remedy these concerns while giving peace of mind that you really do have eyes on the road ahead.

Eagle Eyes UK. Ltd is a national Dash Cam and Telematics company that works with fleet managers to improve safety and efficiency and to lower operating costs. We currently offer over 20 packages, ranging from basic to high-end units to provide the perfect product for your fleet.

Eagle Eyes DashCams:

  • Are compact units fitted to the dashboard which record high quality video as the vehicle travels;
  • Record incident footage, which is permissible in court, to determine responsibility for incidents;
  • Assist in identifying and defending against bogus claims;
  • May reduce vehicle insurance premiums;
  • Help to protect no-claims bonuses.

Our Telematics units:

  • Capture driver behaviour data with key indicators like, speed, sharp acceleration/braking, erratic driving warnings;
  • Track your vehicles, and the time your drivers spend in their vehicles, to ensure they are on the job when they say they are;
  • Give you instant access to mileage data;
  • Send instant warnings or alerts when they identify vehicle servicing requirements;
  • May give your fleet access to 15% off insurance policy premium through IPPFs from selected insurers.

We offer a variety of affordable packages to suit all requirements from low-level to high-end units. Please click on the images above to view the models currently available.

For more information call us today on 03330 110390